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My application was rejected twice until I found Mr Alvin who was very professional and helped me to identify the major mistakes which I've committed in my previous application. Alvin helped me to review and submit my latest application back in March this year. After 6 months, I found out that my PR application was approved! I'm very delighted with the outcome and could not have been happier. 5 stars to Mr. Alvin and his team! Highly recommended!
Amanda Lee
Sales & Marketing Manager. Malaysia
Words cannot described how happy I was with the service provided by Mr. Neo and his team of experts. Mr Neo is a true professional and possess great understanding of immigration rule to plan our investment from Hong Kong to Singapore. Apart from the smooth immigration process, I'd like to praise Mr Neo for his professionalism in handling my PR application - from filling up the application form to preparation for all of the important documents. The good news is I got my PR approved within 5 months after application! I highly recommend Singapore PR Application Agency if you're struggling really hard to get your PR approved.
Andy Cheng
Business Owner (Self-employed). Hong Kong
My experience with Singapore PR Application Agency has been nothing short of exceptional! Mr. Alvin is very kind and helpful throughout the whole process - right from the start until the submission process. He answered all of my queries without any issues. Thank you for helping me to get my PR application approved within 5 months!
Karthik Chowdhury
Electric & Electronics Engineer. India

Overview Of Singapore PR Application

Everyday there are many people applying for Singapore PR online yet only 30,000 applicants can be accepted! In this article we shall explore why Singapore PR application is so attractive to expats and how Singapore PR Application Agency can help you to realize your dream this year! 



What Makes Singapore So Attractive for Living & Work?

Singapore, the country with the nickname “The Lion City” has successfully developed into a famous financial hub in Asia with world-class infrastructure and facilities over the last decade. Despite being labelled a small nation without any natural resources, Singapore never ceased its aggressive determination to pushing its economy to greater heights. This is evident by its third-highest per-capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the world in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) as reported by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) back in year 2018. The Singapore government have turned its attention into nurturing young startups, with billions of dollars injected into government-subsidized finance programmes, business incubators, tax exemptions and among others etc. According to the Economic Development Board of Singapore (EDB), the number of startups has doubled over the last decade to a staggering 55,000, with the e-hailing company GRAB and digital payment provider SEA as one of the most prominent startups in Singapore.

Apart from a booming economy, Singapore boasts some of Asia’s best touristic destination, public transport system, world-class healthcare facilities & education institutions, top housing quality, large business and trading opportunities. Let’s not forget this nation has one of the lowest crime rate and unemployment level in the world too. However, there’s one major setback which is the dropping fertility rates, thus prompting the Singapore government to look out for new residence and skilled labour to boost the country’s economy. This is where you should grab the golden opportunity presented right in front of you to secure yourself a permanent residence if Singapore is your ideal place to live, work and play.


What Benefits Do I Get To Enjoy As A Singapore Permanent Resident?

If you plan to stay in Singapore long term, it makes a lot of sense to try and secure a permanent resident (PR) status first before you can use that as a stepping stone to apply for a Singapore citizenship. Let’s look at some of the benefits enjoyed by all Singapore Permanent Residents:

  • You have the freedom to work, live and play in Singapore just like the locals! You will be issued with the Blue Card, which serves as your identity document. With this Blue Card, you do not need to apply for a special Singapore Visa whenever you wish to enter or exit Singapore.
  • It’s no longer compulsory to apply for a new Singapore Work Permit when switching jobs now. For non-permanent residents, they will need to cancel their old Singapore Visa first before reapplying for a new one. Unlike them, you can avoid any risk of rejection or delay since the application for a new Singapore Work Visa is subjected to the review and approval from the Ministry of Manpower Singapore.
  • The best benefit as a Singapore PR is having the opportunity to enjoy Central Provident Fund (CPF) benefits, personal tax reliefs and subsidies. Your employer and yourself are compulsory to contribute a minimum amount of monthly pension fund. By doing so, you can channel this money to home-purchasing, healthcare, family protection, and growing your assets.
  • You can start owning your first property just like ordinary Singaporeans! You can apply for housing loans to buy your personal property and qualified to order second-hand unit of government HDB flats in Singapore!
  • For your parents, you can choose to apply for Long Term Visit Pass. In your Singapore PR application, you can register both your spouse and unmarried children (under 21 years old) under the same family ties scheme with you as their local sponsor. You can start enrolling your children into public school of your desired choice upon the approval of your PR application. For male kids, they are compulsory to register for Singapore Military Service (or known as National Service) just like ordinary Singaporeans!
  • You will be presented with the opportunity to apply for Singapore Citizenship after a few years of enjoying Singapore permanent residence (minimum two years). Upon successful application as a Singapore citizen, you can obtain your Singapore Passport and enjoy many perks and rights experienced by local Singaporeans. For example, you can have quality healthcare and education services, plus public access to housing at highly subsidized rates!

With all of the benefits mentioned above, rest assured many Singapore PR holders are looking forward to the day when they are approved as Singapore citizens. They will get to explore ample opportunities to work, live and invest in the economy of Singapore!


What Are The Disadvantages As A Singapore Permanent Resident?

Isn’t it strange to know that there are disadvantages as a Singapore PR? Well, there is a distinct disadvantage if you have a son. If you have a son aged 18 years and holds a PR, he is obliged to complete his national service by serving in the civil defence, military or police force for a minimum of 2 years. After two years of service, he is required to attend 40 days of Operationally Ready National Service every year until he finishes ten cycles of re-service. During this period, if your son decides to relinquish his PR status, he is not required to perform the two years of national service.

Anyway, by becoming a Singapore PR holder will allow you to live, work and play in a safe place which you can call home!


What Are The Various Schemes Available For Singapore PR?

To become a Singapore permanent resident, first, you need to understand what are the available schemes for a foreigner like you. As of the year 2019, there are three available schemes, mainly ForArtsGIP and PTS.

ForArts :

  • ForArts is a permit designed for global celebrities who have made significant contribution to the Singapore entertainment culture.
  • To qualify for the ForArts scheme, you must be very experienced and have past track records that show your contribution in the field of Literary Design or Media, Literary Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and relevant training in your area of practice.
  • You must show evidence that highlights your significant contributions to Singapore’s arts and cultural scene. You must express your leadership skills with a proven track record of local engagements at the leadership level, and have concrete plans to be involved in the Singapore arts and cultural sector.

Global Investor Programme (GIP):

  • The GIP scheme is famously known as the “Investors’ Visa”, in which any interested individuals is compulsory to inject an investment fund of SGD $2.5 Million into either Option A or Option B below:
  • Option A: Invest at least SGD $2.5 million in a new business startup or the expansion of an existing business.
  • Option B: Invest at least SGD $2.5 million in a GIP-approved fund.

There are other criteria to meet apart from the minimum SGD $2.5 Million investment. For instance, you must show an excellent entrepreneurial background with a good business track record, and propose a solid investment plan that you can submit to the Economic Development Board (EDB) of Singapore.

Professionals/Technical Personnel & Skilled Worker (PTS)

  • PTS is the most popular scheme that accepts holders of Employment Pass, Entrepreneur Pass or S-Pass to apply for Permanent Residency in Singapore. Many regards this PTS scheme is the most natural and direct channel for obtaining a PR in Singapore. If you are a business owner, you can process Employment Pass for yourself from your company and apply for PR.
  • The most essential criteria is that you must have been employed to work in Singapore for a minimum of 6 months prior to your Singapore PR application. It shows that you have been working in this nation under a working visa i.e. Employment Pass, Entrepreneur Pass, Personalized Employment Pass or S-Pass.
  • You are compulsory to submit a copy of your six months’ salary payslips as proof that you have been working in Singapore for six months before applying for a PR.

Under The PTS Scheme, What Requirements Do I Need To Fulfil To Become A PR In Singapore?

  • The duration of stay in Singapore. You must work and live in this nation under your work pass for six months minimum before you apply for a PR. Our best advice for you is to wait for at least a year because the length of your stay is one of the factors that matter to the authorities. Too many starts to apply after six months of working in Singapore and they get frustrated easily when their application is rejected by the authorities. Patience is key in this case! 
  • Income. Your salary influences your chances of approval. It is recommended to earn at least SGD $6,000 to SGD $8,000 and up to SGD $12,000 if your application includes family members. Remember to submit payslips for the months you have worked in the country.
  • Employment. How big or how established is your employer’s company can affect your chances of approval. Provide credentials of your employer. The bigger and more established companies are more likely to score approval.
  • Background. Your employment and education background is also important. Prestigious universities will improve your chances of approval.
  • Family ties – Whether you are supporting your aging parents or kids in Singapore. Chances are good if you can prove that Singapore is the home for both your parents and children.
  • Personal characteristics – Singapore will always welcome new residences who exhibit the following characteristics: law-abiding (lack of law infringement), active in the community and charitable work.

What Documents Do I Need to Prepare for My PR Application?

We list down all important documents you need to make a scanned copy for submission. Kindly take note to translate all foreign documents into English if there is any. Here is the full list of documents:


  • Proof of employment: contracts, letters, evaluation reports, recommendation letters, employers contact data

  • Proof of education: diplomas and certificates starting from high school

  • Proof of salary and other sources of income

  • Your latest Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Property ownership documents if you have real estate in Singapore;

  • Documents on your spouse and children whether they apply with you or not.

Note: Remember to bring the original document to support all photocopies of the materials above.


What Is The PR Application Process?

Every PR application are reviewed by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) within the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). There are two online forms you need to fill out under the PTS scheme: one for yourself and one for your employer.

ICA provides detailed explanations on what documents are required for the application. So be fully prepared and make sure to read them thoroughly before you proceed with the application.

Once you have filled up the forms, attach the prepared document scans and submit them for ICA to review. The agency will send you a letter once they have an answer to your application.

If your application is approved, you will be required to do the following:

Arrange an appointment at ICA and provide documents to proof that you are still employed by the same company that you have indicated, produce medical check-up results for you and your family, your Employment Pass and Dependent Passes.


What Is The Expected Processing Time For Singapore PR Application?

Any online application for permanent residence (with or without our assistance) will take up a minimum four to six months to know the outcome. According to the latest statement by ICA, some applications may take longer than six months to know the result.


Why Engage Us As Your Professional Consultant?

You can choose to apply for Singapore Permanent Residency on your own. The choice is entirely dependent on yourself, and you need to ask yourself what you need at this moment. Do you believe you can handle the application confidently on your own or do you need to request for a second opinion in the form of professional advice from an experienced consultant? If you feel you’re confident enough and fully understood what it takes to achieve a positive outcome from your PR application, then you can probably go without a consultant’s assistance.

Based on our current client record and past experience, however, many working professionals and expats choose us simply because they want experienced consultants who can lend their eyes to review their application and supporting documents. By doing so, we can give the applicants professional recommendations and proven strategies to maximize their chances of success! It’s like having an experienced advisor on your side reviewing your application and highlighting the key points that others have missed, thus making you absolutely impressive in the eyes of the ICA officials!


What Makes Us Outstanding Than Other Service Provider?

While other service providers primarily focus on international students, foreign professionals and expats as their target group of individuals, our immigration expert team are also experienced and capable of dealing with High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and investors who are looking forward to settling down and obtain permanent residence in Singapore. In addition to offering professional advice regarding Singapore permanent residency, we can provide personal finance and wealth management guidance to HNWI to secure and enhance your assets. As described by Wikipedia, a High Net Worth Individual is defined as an individual with USD 1 Million or more at their disposal for investment purpose, excluding personal assets such as private residence and collectibles.


Singapore PR Application Agency Team Puts Your Interests First!

We have formed a team of experienced immigration advisors to serve our clients from various backgrounds and working experience. They have rich experience and in-depth knowledge regarding a multitude of aspects potential applicants are bound to confronted with during the PR application process. They give professional advice on how to make your PR application unique and outstanding so that you can stand a better chance of getting your application approved by ICA officials.

If you are qualified as one of the High Net Worth Individuals, you will be given a dedicated HNWI manager who knows your specific situation in detail and can coordinate your needs across a wide range of services. Your HNWI manager will be your first point of contact and he or she will be highly responsive to any queries you have whether it is about fast tracking your PR application, business setup requirements, investment portfolio evaluation or risk assessment.


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